About Us

Accompanying all ages to a fuller life!

Our Vision

To enhance our position by capitalizing on the positive future of specialized Medical transportation, companion and accompaniment service for all ages based on providing exemplary service to our expanding customer base. We maintain close partnerships with other organizations providing short-term and long-term health and social services to the community.

Mission Statement

We are determined to provide our clients with excellent service, convenient access, and extraordinary value. We employ the most qualified personnel, offering a positive workplace, corporate growth and leadership opportunities to all. We ensure the very best specialized Medical transportation service.

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What we do

Our Professional drivers will assist you throughout the journey and bring you home safely. We are wheelchair-friendly and an ambulatory special Medical transportation service provider.

Driving Miss Daisy is different from other transportation providers in that we provide physical assistance to our clients. We're not just drivers, we're caregivers

  • Medical appointments

  • Dialysis clinics

  • Social and family events

  • Airport pick up / drop off (Assistance with checking in is also offered)

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