Driving Miss Daisy.

Accompanying all ages to a fuller life.

We provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services. We have a track record for being one of the best NEMT service provider in Twin Cities, Minnesota.
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Accompanying All Ages to A Fuller Life!


We specialize in Non Emergency Medical Transport services for people of all ages. We are affordable, reliable and most importantly highly skilled in what we do.

Elderly | Disabled Customers

We provide Non Emergency Transportation services for Elderly, disabled or those who require a Stretcher or a Wheel chair. All our vehicles are equipped with Wheel Chair attachments to take you where you need to go.

Reliable & Committed

You can rely on us for your safety. Driving Miss Daisy assures that our vehicles are manned by one emergency Medical technician and is equipped with medical equipments.

Affordable and Caring

We are transparent, trustworthy and caring NEMT service provider. We work with all the major health providers and also provide an option of Self Pay for our Un-insured customers.

Our Partners

We work with all the Major Healthcare providers. At Driving Miss Daisy, Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, cost effective solutions to all your specialized transportation needs.
We accept patients who are Un-insured or Under-insured with our affordable and cost-effective self-pay program.
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What we do

We are a Non Emergency
Medical Transportation service.

Professional & Caring

Our professional drivers will assist you throughout the journey and bring you home safely. We are wheelchair-friendly and an ambulatory special transportation service provider.

With you all the way

Driving Miss Daisy is different from other transportation providers in that we provdide physical assistance to our clients.
We are not just drivers, we are caregivers.

Prevention from
Coronavirus Covid19

We at Driving Miss Daisy recommend all our beloved customers to take necessary precautions
suggested by the Doctors.

Wear a Mask to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Avoid close Contact

Stay at Home whenever possible.

Wash your Hand frequently.

Cover Coughs & Sneezes

Clean & Disinfect.